# SEO 101

Search Engine Optimization is a tricky word.

There was a time when you could game the system quite easily; now it’s a bit more difficult.

First off, Google has a few preferences that one is encouraged to follow.

We need to provide some metadata; as well,Google prefers for sites to be mobile-accessible. As well, for them to be updated regularly.

One is able to register with Google’s Search Console, and get feedback on your website’s Search Engine readability!

# SiteMaps

Google loves these, and uses them to scrape your website for their search engine!

# Mobile First

Google also loves this, most folks use their phones to traverse the net these days. Making sure your website is responsive to their smaller screens will boost your website’s rating!

# Consistent Content

Remember that sitemap, for scraping?

If Googles see that you are updating your website with new content often and consistently, it likes that too!