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Welcome to the Library

Here you will find a growing collection of guides spanning web development, web3, entrepreneurship and community building; each written for those just starting their journeys into these topics.

Rebel Coding

The first book in the Rebel Coding series introduces readers to all of the basics of web-development, HTML, CSS, & JavaScript; as well as the components of a full-stack website and the Python coding language.

Rebel Labs is available for those who'd like to apply what they're learning, first, on someone else's computer.

Welcome | Orientation | Intro to CLI | HTML & CSS | JavaScript | Python Scrapers | The Full Stack | Appendices

Personalized coaching is available through DigiSnaxx.

WordPress Bootcamp

work in progress

A no-nonsense guide to building with WordPress, starting at square 1!

Created for small business owners, artists and anyone else, who wants to learn how to spin up their own website, for as cheap as possible. (Using a Digital Ocean droplet, honestly.)

From download and installation, to basic theme-editing, plugins and SEO; we even cover basic accounting tutorials, and information to help you prepare for success!

Intro to WordPress | Themes & CSS | SEO | Accounting & Taxes | Mailing Lists | Appendices

Wnat help building your website, via DigiSnaxx.

Manifesting Empathy

work in progress

This is the most ambitious work, an entry-point for learning how to embrace the diversity flourishing in our shared reality.

First we cover the basics of Sexism & Racism before delving into the complexities of Able-ism and Intersectionality. Though this is another topic that will never be covered in completion, and so the resources, here contained, will continue to grow as well.

Intro to Empathy | Sexism | Racism | Able-ism | Power Dynamics | Onwards | Appendices