# Everything You Need to Know

WIP Advisory

This is still a work in progress - though the Email Course is live for beta-testers, and will be FREE, via Gumroad.

Feel free to read through this, and drop us a comment on Github!

# To Start Coding & Grow Beyond

Last things first!

When you think of technology, is there anything that comes to mind that you want to exist?

Anything at all, that you might want to make?

If there is something, what is it?

Can you write it down please?

A huge part of learning is your own internal drive; and we need to make sure that before we begin we have a nice shiney light at the end of our educational tunnel.

When we reach it, you’re going to have the tools to continue your tech journey beyond the light; wherever it may take you!

While now you have a community too, if you’d like, for whenever you’ve got a question along the way.

So without any further ado, let’s get started!