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Appendix A: Additional Resources

Coding Entrepreneurs

Learn Python the Hard Way

The Complete Unix History

Appendix B New GitHub Repo:

Appendix C Man command:

Provide an example

Appendix D Powershell:

Appendix E ls -l Explained:

Chmod, chown and more

Appendix F Version Numbers:

Version 1.12.5

5: numbers in this position indicate non-breaking changes made

12: changes in this version may break your code

1: this number will often only change when new features are added

Additional Material

Setting-up SSH, Github


Your First Pull Requests

Up & Running with Vi

Up & Running with Django

Up & Running with VueJS

Web Scraping with Selenium

How-To: Web to Mobile App

How-To: Windoze DevEnv

Bonus Material

Up & Running with Keepass

Up & Running with Blender

Up & Running with Audacity

Up & Running with Glimpse

Up & Running with GNUCash

Up & Running with Discord

Up & Running with LaTeX

Why FireFox? Which Extensions?

Up & Running with Thunderbird

Up & Running with Sublime

Why Linux? Why Arch?

Up & Running with zsh

Intermediate Command-Line

Up & Running with tmux

Secret Script Stash

Scripted Google Search

Parallax HTML Template

Django Social Post BreakDown

Python Email AutoSend


custom zshrc file

LaTeX Example Article