This week we focus on the Job Hunt, Networking, and building our best resumes for tech!

# Overview - Where Are You Going?

Have a solid idea of what you’d like to do!

# Resume - What Do You Need?

You need to display aptitude and passion; while deciding her personal comfortability with proximity to whiteness.

# Cover Letter - What is it good for?

Introduce your self YOUR way!

# Building Your Portfolio

Back up what you’ve said!

# Interviews - What to prep for

Tech interviews are fading away.

# Your Project - Why you need one

Same reason you need a portfolio.

# YP: How's & Why's

Your project should be supported by your interests; so that your how’s and why’s can have some connection to your career aspirations.

# Presenting Your Project

Organize a small group for whom you can present your project.

# LinkedIn, really?

It has it’s benefits.

# The Complete Picture

Social media (Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn), in-person networking, your own personal webspace (build your own brand).

Be very cognizant of cultural tides and undertows.