Last week ~ We're going to cover the history of computing all the way to current methods of deployment (k8s, Terraform, etc!)

# Overview

What are operating systems - Window Manager, Program manager, Package Manager - etc -- collects all of our necessary tools into one.

# Linux vs Mac vs Windows

We learned a bit about how it all started. What’s up with Windows?

Linux & Mac are nearly the same.

# Others OSes (BSD)

And what else and why?

# Nginx vs Apache

How do you actually serve the website?

# What About Caching?

Too many questions-- need to store some of it for quick responses, caching

# Containerization

Easy way to create multiple instances of the same

# Distributed Systems

Coordinate your containers

# Let's Talk About Firewalls

Intro to Security

# The Path of a Packet

What is an IP address?

# And We're Off!

Great Work!!!!

# So Now What?

How the trick is for you to build your own application!

Start with the basic Django tutorial!

Then add a serializer

Build a client to consumer the data ~