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Accounting and Taxes

This is a total tangent, and somewhat of an homage to an old program, from which WPB will hopefully rise from the ashes ...

We want to make sure that you have a grasp of how Uncle Sam might view your burgeoning business come tax season.

Regardless, it's important to consider how one will manage their finances when starting a financially sustainable endeavor.

And so in this section I will introduce you to a program called GNUCash, which is free and open-source accounting program.

Not Financial Advice

I'm not a registered CPA, I'm a 'they' beyond a keyboard typing thoughts out from my head.

Nothing contained herein, or anywhere else on DreamFreely, or DigiSnaxx platforms, will we give financial advice; we will tell you what we're doing and why ... but we all gotta row our own boats!

From these records we can begin to measure what tax-benefits and costs will be associated with our endeavor; we can create split transactions to already cover for taxes, vendors and banking fees.

We are able to keep record of Clients, Vendors, Investments and more ... so should the tax-office ever knock ... you're prepared!!!