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Te Aviso

This is entirely a work in progress; none of which is being written by AI.

If you've got any suggestions for what you'd like to hear more about, lmk via instagram please.

Welcome to the Guide

In the following paragraphs and pages I will attempt to explain who I am and why ...

So without any further ado ... let's begin ...

A soul with no home

Years later a therapist would tell me that my spirit was severed at birth, and part of it stayed with my mother ...

I was adopted as an infant from a country in the Global South, by fair-skinned, farm-raised Protestant-turned-Evangelical Christians ... into the Western Suburbs of a Midwestern city-state known as Minneapolis-St. Paul.

At the age of five I began learning to play the piano, and started performing for old folks in nursing homes; as well as singing, and acting, in musicals for the church.

The highlight of this career being the opportunity to perform with the Christian-Barney, known as Psalty the Singing Songbook ... for the Billy Graham Kidz Gig.

By the age of 21, I'd been married/divorced, fathered a kid, and was on my fourth government name.

Yee-haw ...

By the age of 35, I'd finally met my mother and sister ... am now using my first and second government names for identification purposes; though have yet to reconcile them all into my sixth, and perhaps final, government name.

Next year I'll be 40; and hopefully finally have my undergraduate degree as well.

And that's the long and short of my then-to-now story.

So now into the details ... academically speaking.