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# Appendix A: Hosting Services

AWS, GCS, Heroku, Digital Ocean, Linode, RackSpace, & more


If you think you will need to be able to scale quickly.

Price can jump quickly.

# Digital Ocean, Linode & Rackspace

You want your own server space and scaling isn't immediately important.

# Heroku, Netlify & more

Heroku is somewhere in-between AWS & Digital Ocean; it requires some specialized know-how, though has a somewhat small learning curve. It is also easy to scale if needs-be.

Netlify is for specialized static sites.

# AWS S3 Buckets for Static Sites

This may be the cheapest option for those building static sites.

# WordPress Options

(Managed Hosting Comparison)[\]

# Appendix B: A Quality Beginner WordPress Set-up!

# Basic Themes

# Widgets

# Plugins

# Appendix C: Content Creation

Content creation is what ties everything together.

# Tools of the Trade

# Canva

With the Free account you can still obtain quality custom images and even videos that do not have a watermark!

# Grammerly

# Appendix D: WordPress Entry-Level Theme Editing

Learn a little CSS.