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Manifesting Empathy

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WIP Advisory

This is still a work, very much, in progress - I've got the outline, and some content written (by ChatGPT); but the majority has yet to be discerned.

In fact, you can read more about the deployment plan at

Manifesting Empathy and other mythological creatures

This is a book about building community, by building recognition and acceptance of ourselves, and consequently others as well.

How does it all begin?

It all begins by recognizing that we will never be complete in our comprehension. It is precisely as Socrates, "I know nothing except the fact of my ignorance. " We need to be in this place before we can begin ...

The next realization is to comprehend that no matter how many experiences we read about, we can never imagine what it might be like for others to experience adverse environments and behavior.

Our objective is to enhance our projections, enough to be able to hold our tongue and only speak constructively, as often as possible. Our projections are nearly all that we have, and we will rely on them as a resource whether we wish to or not. The least we can do is improve them so instead of feeding ourselves colonial stereotypes, we can learn to see and sense more accurately.

What’s the point of trying to comprehend?

The point is to fail, to recognize our own capacity to fail; and so our inherent need for others.

While in our continued search for better information and sense, our capacity to converse with others will also increase and expand. Ergo our capacity intake and process better information, more quickly, will grow as well. Ths is why we try to comprehend in the first place.

What are the benefits of diversity?

Sustainably securing better information and creating more informed and agile teams.

Why/how is empathy a myth ?

Empathy itself is not a myth, but the sensation of authentic understanding is difficult to maintain for prolonged periods of time, and with newly met individuals. There are social and economic complications at play, but we will leave discussion of those topics aside for the time being. As behind each of these, there remains the mind.

And it is the mind that at times plays tricks, and other times the heart, with want they want, think, or feel. Due to this we can not trust our projections until we have sufficiently trained our mind to differentiate between harmful learned behaviors and authentic information signals.

Though even if all the training in the world were provided, the ability to completely comprehend another individual in any given situation will forever remain impossible. The best we can hope for is to acknowledge the depth and breadth of possibilities.

We do this by learning about what has been ... by exploring what harvests history has already cultivated.

We learn about what has been, to better comprehend what others may currently be experiencing.

Can you write a few paragraphs explaining empathy and its importance in building a more equitable society?

Can you provide a definition of sexism and its various forms?

please write a few paragraphs discussing how sexism impacts individuals and society as a whole

can you write a few paragraphs on how to recognize and combat sexism in personal and professional settings?


Ok wow, I’m still just laughing at … some of the text gets a bit repetitive; but I did use ChatGPT to create lead-magnet booklet.

My first prompt being Heyo, can you write me an outline for a book called Manifesting Empathy, that walks through the topics of Sexism, Racism, Able-ism and Power Dynamics?

So that’s what this is … a verbatim explanation from ChatGPT on May 6th, 2023.

Who am I?

My name is Canin Carlos, I’m a web developer; and today I decided to see what all the talk was about with ChatGPT and AI. I’m also studying Economics and Statistics; and so in future writings will look to discuss these technologies in more technical detail.

Though for now, I’m simply somewhat amazed at how easy it all was; while hearing about all the open-source competition to ChatGPT, Bard and other corporate creations.

A number of years ago, I wrote the outline for a program aimed at folks in tech, to provide an introduction to the topics of discrimination. But I never really found the time to write much beyond the outline – enter ChatGPT.

I knew the outline was good; the course is meant to be an introduction, the topics entry-level embers for conversation. Perfect fodder for artificial intelligence to explain … what would it say ?!?

What is ChatGPT ?

ChatGPT is an LLM, or Large Language Model artificial intelligence chat bot … you can honestly talk to it like you would anyone else … kinda crazy honestly.

Unsupervised Learning - begins finding relationships between words and concepts Supervised Learning - Transformer == to recognize relationships and connections Can serve as base for multiple uses.

Hallucinations ?!?