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Social Media 101

Welcome to the jungle!

Picking which platforms are right for you is all about discerning how you want to interact with social media. While using automation, which we’ll discuss later, we can even make sure to hit 2nd and 3rd priority platforms 😃

# Facebook/Instagram

These are behemoths, though Instagram has further organic reach than Facebook, at present. Stories are heavily prioritized. I recommend converting any accounts you manage to business accounts as well. Linking Pages and Instagram accounts accordingly.

# Twitter

It moves a miles miles a second, but you can find a niche rather quickly. While using hashtags, one can also amplify their reach.

# Pinterest

For mature demographics Pinterest is often considered a goldmine for audiences that spend.

# LinkedIn

Depending upon the nature of your product, LinkedIn is also providing solid organic reach.

# SnapChat

This is where the youth are at, though the company recently open-sourced their API, and many companies are building extentions to the SnapChat experience.

# TikTok

TikTok is the new blue whale in the room. While some companies were concerned about their content being accessible on other platforms; TikTok brands all of their content and encourages distribution on other platforms!

Additionally, their editing tools are first-in-class. I especially love the ability to time the appearance and disappearance of text!

Greating marketing and promotional tools!!