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Vibrational Medication

Not everyone has the ability to create sound using their voice ... we must acknowledge this first; and for you all, I'm not entirely sure how to proceed through this part ... Though I feel somewhat comforted by the idea that you can sense vibrations in other ways, and so the concepts need not be considered foreign.

Because there is not just a magic in our heart-beat, but in the vibrations we create, and some are able to most directly, through song and speech.

Someone once said, it is a great blessing to love the sound of your own voice ... but then I ask, why should you not love the sound of your own voice ... even if you only feel able to hum a simple tune ... that tune is yours, it was given to you and no one else ...

That you carry the timber of the frequencies, how you choose to move from one note to the next ... that is you, divinely and sacredly, entirely and wholly, you ... cherish the opportunity to be so miraculous.

Or so I feel compelled to encourage you.

Speak kindly to yourself ... sing softly, scream out loud if you need to ... your vibrations, your song, your beat ... these are tools that were given to you, to help you heal yourself.

This world is not kind to any of us ... though as another great-mind once wrote, "Even kings shit."

And while I'm not here to tell you to temper your anger for the sake of peace, rather to encourage you to expand the possibilities of your reality tunnel; find where the boundaries bend, and may even be broken.

So when you are feeling sad ... you can remember that in a few hours, a few days, or maybe a few months; you'll be able to see how your sadness was merely the river meant to carry you to the ocean cove of your dreams.

But first, you have to believe that there are other ways of looking at things, than the way you might want to view them.

And by the power of your vibration, and your song ... You can remember how to do exactly this more quickly than you once might have.