# Welcome to the Library

Here you will find a growing collection of guides spanning web development, web3, entrepreneurship and community building; each written for those just starting their journeys into these topics.

# Rebel Coding

The first book in the Rebel Coding series introduces readers to all of the basics of web-development, HTML, CSS, & JavaScript; as well as the components of a full-stack website and the Python coding language. Developed as an 8-step program, the program utilizes the *Activist Project as framework for our learning, while Rebel Labs is available for those who'd like to apply what their learning, first, on someone else's computer.

Welcome | Orientation | Intro to CLI | HTML & CSS | JavaScript | Python Scrapers | The Full Stack | Servers | Clients | Resumes & Projects | OS & Deployment | Appendices

# Conscious Crypto

This is the most recent endeavor work, an entry-point for learning about blockchain and day-trading.

Burning Money | The Basics | Chains | JPEG & More | $ DeFi $ | Daos | $ ReFi $ | Appendices

# Manifesting Empathy

This is the most ambitious work, an entry-point for learning how to embrace the diversity flourishing in our shared reality.

First we cover the basics of Sexism & Racism before delving into the complexities of Able-ism and Intersectionality. Though this is another topic that will never be covered in completion, and so the resources, here contained, will continue to grow as well.

Intro to Empathy | Sexism | Racism | Able-ism | Power Dynamics | Onwards | Appendices

# Exo-CTO

This is a growing compendium of resources meant to provide budding entreprenuers with introductions to all the aspects of building a digital business and presence. We walk through all of the business aspects of building and maintaining a website, analytics, automation and more.

Intro to Business | Website | SEO | Analytics | Mailing Lists | Social Media | Automation | Payment Methods | Appendices