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Do You Like Burning Money ?


WIP Advisory

This is a work in progress!

Because that is the only money that you should be willing to put into crypto at this moment; make no mistake.

Most, if not all, chains are in beta ... as to when they will come out of this these betas ... It is looking as though Ethereum may finally have their merge this summer ... though now we are getting head of ourselves.

What is the break-through of "blockchain" technology ?

For centuries, the mechanics behind foreign exchange and commodities markets were reserved for a siloed few. Blockchains effectively put all of this information into the open, making it available for anyone with the time, interest and perserverance to figure it out!

What is it? We'll talk more about these specific financial examples in $ DeFi $; though this is the crux of what the breakthrough is about the technology. As for what it is inspiring ... the possiblities are too numerous to recount in a single document; from the absurd to the inane, like many burgeoning paradigms oddities abound.

This is not to condone the rampant sexism or racism to be found in the space, as much as many way wish to deny or negate; like in most spaces, the colonial sentiments continue to permeate. Though many participants are more aware of these conversations, and so hope remains.